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What is cPanel web hosting?

The service of keeping a website online is called web hosting. Any website that is available on the internet lives on a web server, this is a powerful server housed in a data centre which provides things such as multiple power feeds, multiple internet connections, cooling and fire suppression systems and generator backup for those rare power failures.

A web server is generally a Linux server with a LAMP stack. This stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP which are the 4 components required to host modern web applications such as Wordpress. After many years providing web hosting we have tested all control panels available on the market and we have chosen the excellent cPanel control panel. This gives our customers a nice easy to use control panel to manage almost every aspect of your web hosting account, including creating email accounts, managing files, tweaking PHP settings (memory limts, execution time etc), installing web applications such as Wordpress, OpenCart etc, taking backups of your website and databases and much more.

Why choose our cPanel web hosting?

There are several reasons why our cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting stands out from the crowd.

  • Litespeed Web Server
    All of our cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting servers use Litespeed Enterprise Web Server. Litespeed is a paid alternative to Apache. The benefits of Litespeed include faster page loading and lower resource usage on the server for the same number of websites. Probably the best feature is LSCACHE. This is a caching system for Wordpress that is integrated with the webserver itself and makes Wordpress websites load lightening fast.
  • JetBackup
    All of our cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting servers use JetBackup the award winning backup tool for cPanel servers. We have configured these to backup to 2 remote locations every day, and keep the backups for 31 days! Each remote backup location is then backed up daily too which means your data is completely secure! And to top it off we don’t charge extra for backups as most other companies do!
  • CloudLinux
    On all cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting servers we use CloudLinux as standard. This is a fantastic tool and means additional security and stability for your website. CloudLinux includes a system called LVE which basically provides a virtual environment for each and every cPanel account on the same server. This means that individual cPanel accounts cannot over-use resources and affect other cPanel accounts and websites on the same server. This means we can guarantee fast and responsive websites for all customers on our cPanel web hosting servers or cPanel reseller hosting servers.
  • UK based Local Support
    We are a small business which means we get to know each and every one of our customers, because we have this close relationship it means we are prepared to help when you need us! The majority of our support team are actually PHP/Wordpress developers which means can are in a perfect position to help should you have any problems with our website (please note that individual website support is outside of web hosting support but we will always provide as much help as we can).
  • We own and operate all equipment
    Did you know that most web hosting companies are either reselling another providers service, or leasing equipment and outsourcing support? We own every single piece of equipment that makes up our platform, including firewalls, switches, servers, backup servers and all the cabling inbetween. Our equipment is located in a data centre in Sheffield which we have chosen specifically for the location to our offices, and the level of service they provide. We have 24 hour access to our equipment and have spare parts on-site ready should any equipment fail.

Take a look at our cPanel web hosting or cPanel reseller hosting packages and if you have any questions catch us on live chat or submit a ticket. We also offer a free 7 day trial for cPanel web hosting and cPanel reseller hosting so you can try our services completely free - sign up for a free cPanel trial now!

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