Server Specification

We have created some pre-configured packages below or use the sliders to select your exact specification



For our free managed service, to ensure we can provide the service you expect you need to add cPanel, JetBackup and Off-site SSH Storage. This gives you a server with the most popular control panel, and off-site backups for 14 days of all cPanel accounts as well as 3 days of server snapshots. If you are planning to host multiple websites for different customers we recommend CloudLinux as amongst other features it prevents a single website over using resources on your server and slowing things down for your other customers.

SSH Backup Storage


If you would prefer to use a different control panel, we wont be able to provide a managed service but our engineers will still help where we can! As part of the core price of our servers we still take and store 3 days snapshots of the entire server. This isn't a very good method of restoring individual websites so we still advise you backup your individual websites and databases.

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KVM Virtualisation

Managed VPS Servers

We use KVM virtualisation on all our VPS hosts with LVM storage on enterpise SSD disks - this means we cannot over-sell RAM and SSD storage resources so you are always getting exactly what you pay for.

For customers who choose cPanel, JetBackup and Off-site SSH storage your individual cPanel accounts will be backed up off-site and stored for 14 days. Restores can be done of individual files, MySQL databases or entire cPanel accounts from inside WHM or cPanel.

As standard we take daily snapshots of your VPS and store these for 3 days so should anything go wrong with your VPS that cannot be fixed then we can just restore the backup of your choice.

For customers who choose cPanel we provide a managed service at no extra cost! We will install cPanel and configure to best standards for speed and security, we will also install any additional plugins you may require such as JetBackup, Softaculous App installer, CloudLinux or LiteSpeed Web Server.

Unlike other providers who have set specifications that don't usually fit your exact needs, we allow you complete flexibility - if you need more RAM it doesnt mean you need more CPU and disk so we don't make you!

Just select the specification you need below and our systems will automatically create your VPS with the exact specification you require!

KVM Servers

We use KVM so you get dedicated resources.

99.9% Uptime

In the unlikely event we fall below 99.9% uptime we will refund the difference

30 Days Guarantee

We are so confident you will love us that we give you 30 days to change your mind.

UK Support

Your in the UK and so are we! Our support staff are based right here in the UK.

No Contracts

You will stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

UK Owned

Unlike most other providers we own and operate our own hardware.

Virtual Private Servers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer all customers a 7 day free trial for all services we offer (excluding domain names and some software licences). Free trials are limited to UK customers only who pass relevant security checks. Order your free trial VPS here!

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. A VPS is similar to having a dedicated server where you have your own Operating System installation, but the underlying hardware is shared which means the security of a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost! You pay for the resorces you need such as CPU, RAM and SSD Disk Space, this means it is much more cost effective than having your own dedicated server and you still get the security and performance benefits.

If you choose cPanel, JetBackup and Off-site storage for your VPS you receive full backups off-site to 2 seperate locations - these are backups of each individual cPanel account hosted on your VPS - these backups can be configured to run at a schedule you choose that suits the websites you are hosting! If you decide not go choose these options, we still provide Snapshot backups, we take a full snapshot of your server and store these for 3 days. While snapshot backups are good for disaster recovery (if your server OS becomes corrupted or won't boot for example), they are't very good for restoring an individual website because it would restore the entire server including all websites hosted on that server.

Yes! We love to help our customers. We can provide your VPS fully managed at no extra cost (you must choose cPanel, JetBackup and Off-site storage). If you prefer to manage yourself this is fine too, we work with many customers of all abilities so can provide as much or little help as you need!

Yes! It only takes a quick reboot and we can increase or decrease your specification as required. This is the great thing about VPS, you only pay for the resources you need. The only thing we cannot do is decrease the size of your storage, this is a limitation of VPS servers. With this in mind we recommend only adding storage you know you definately need.

We dont tie any customer into a contract. You will stay with us because you want to, not because you have to!

Yes! If you use cPanel we can configure this for you, we just need you to transfer your domain into your account with Northgate Web and we do the rest. It is advisable to have a small secondary VPS with another provider which we can arrange - this is to provide reduncancy should there be any issue with your main VPS with us serving DNS records.

We activate your VPS server automatically upon receipt of payment. Login and server details are emailed to the email you registered with. If you have chosen cPanel, JetBackup and Off-site storage and want a managed service then we need to book in some time to configure your VPS. We don't use templates, all VPS are configured by hand and fully tested prior to hosting live websites, this means we can optimise the server for your individual websites to get the best performance possible!

You can use any 64 bit Operating System. Linux or Windows. If you choose a cPanel Managed VPS we will use the latest version of CentOS. If you want to use Windows you will need to provide your own licence key but we can still install and configure this for you. If the OS you want to use is not in the list of Operating Systems when you go to purchase the VPS, contact us and we will add the required OS.

If you currently have one or more websites hosted on cPanel then migrations are completely free! If you use any other control panel there may be a small charge per website for migration. Please contact us for more information.

If your email accounts are currently hosted on cPanel with your website then your email accounts get migrated along with your website free of charge! If you use any other control panel or have emails hosted on a seperate service to your website there is a £15.00 + VAT charge per mailbox as we have to migrate the email accounts manually.

We use KVM virtualistion on all VPS hosts. KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine. This is the most secure virtualisation available and allows your server to load its own Kernel unlike with OpenVZ and other container based virtualisation. The benefits for you as a customer mean we cannot over-sell resources such as RAM and Disk Space - when you buy a VPS the RAM and HDD is taken away from the available pool so even if you aren't utilising it, it cannot be used by other customers! In turn this means our VPS hosts have low contention compared with other non-KVM providers.

Yes! We use KVM virtualisation which means the CloudLinux Kernel will load as if it were a dedicated server! CloudLinux is not compatible with OpenVZ and other container based virtualisation.

Yes! cPanel comes with a Wordpress auto-installer as part of the package. If you want to auto-install other web apps such as Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart etc we can install Softaculous which includes one click installation for over 400 apps! There is a £1.50 + VAT per month charge for Softaculous.

Yes! You can upgrade at any time, we provide a free migration service for all customers (if you choose cPanel for your VPS)!

If you have more questions you can head over to our knowledgebase, if you don't find an answer just send us a message.