Cloud Backup Pricing

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Home 100
£ 36 /yr
up to 100GB storage
  • 1 computer
  • 0 servers
  • 100GB storage
Home 250
£ 60 /yr
up to 250GB storage
  • 2 computers
  • 0 servers
  • 250GB storage
Home 500
£ 110 /yr
up to 500GB storage
  • 3 computers
  • 0 servers
  • 500GB storage
Home 1000
£ 175 /yr
up to 1TB storage
  • 4 computers
  • 0 servers
  • 1TB storage
Business 250
£ 165 /yr
up to 250GB storage
  • 1 computer
  • 1 server
  • 250GB storage
Business 500
£ 215 /yr
up to 500GB storage
  • 3 computers
  • 3 servers
  • 500GB storage
Business 1000
£ 270 /yr
up to 1TB storage
  • 5 computers
  • 5 servers
  • 1TB storage

Northgate Web Cloud Backup uses Amazon Glacier servers (“Cold Storage”) which makes our service suitable for storing huge amounts of data for life.

Our competition use unknown propeitery systems, do you trust them with your data?

Cloud Backup Information



  • Automatic scanning for file changes to ensure latest files are backed up
  • Backup anything including servers, network shares, external drives desktops and laptops.
  • Backup schedules starting from 5 minute intervals
  • Various modes to suit every need: turbo, smart, battery saving and presentation
  • Step-by-step configuration wizard for creating backup profiles
  • Choose between Intelligent data selection and manual file/folder selection
  • Advanced file filtering, by type, size, date and expression
  • Pause/Resume backups
  • Backup open files using VSS
  • Block level backups for large files such as server and database backups
  • Multi-level deduplication; machine level, company level, and global
  • Intelligent file/folder rename detection to ensure renamed folders are backed up and not duplicated
  • Low CPU usage, all major computing operations are done on the servers
  • No individial file size limit
  • Faster backups of small files using intelligent upload engine

Backup Policies

  • User or admin defined backups
  • Configure user data selection from the Northgate Web Cloud Backup administration panel
  • Rules for file retention
  • File filters using regular expressions or wildcard
  • Filter files by date and size
  • Throttle bandwidth usage
  • Schedule backups to run at specificed intervals
  • Global Exclude by wildcards


  • Extremely secure military grade AES encryption of data before leaving the computer or server
  • All files transferrred with 256-AES encryption
  • Secure 256-AES server side encryption
  • All laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data are strictly adhered to
  • Files decrypted on-the-fly
  • All data stored on Amazon’s tried and tested network


  • Bandwidth usage monitor
  • Storage usage monitor

Cold Storage

  • Utilising Amazon Glacier for highly secure and safe storage of your important home and business data
  • Low cost storage for disaster recovery backups
  • Designed for storing huge amounts of data
  • Extremely low cost for storage compared to other providers; 100GB for only £3.00/mo (home).
  • 3-5 hours processing time to restore
  • Preview for backed up photos
  • Automatic restore after files are prepared for download

Windows Integration

  • Viual markers showing file and folder backup status
  • Advanced client allowing quick and easy configuration of backups
  • Easy configuration of backup profile from within the Windows client or via the Northgate Web Cloud Backup administration panel
  • Add/remove files from backup profile with a right click


  • Hybrid+ uses a local storage in addition to cloud storage to give another level of protection for your data
  • Zero restore time from local backup; local store prioritised over cloud restore
  • Increased data security by providing local and cloud backups with one service


  • Backup Windows Servers
  • Always-on data protection
  • Server level deduplication including support for encrypted disks
  • Client runs as a service so no need to be logged-on
  • Open File backup support using VSS
  • Block level backups of large files perfect for SQL and Exchange backups
  • Assign policies remotely via the Northgate Web Cloud Backup administration panel


  • Restore from web or desktop/server client
  • Pause and resume restores
  • Quickly and easily restore lost data
  • Restore files and folders to original or new location
  • Intelligent bulk download and multi-task restore for faster restores