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How to Access Your VPS via VNC in SolusVM?

You can access your VPS via VNC in case of emergency such as when your IP is blocked by a firewall, the Internet connection is not working, you are unable to access your VPS via SSH or for OS Installation/Reinstallation reasons, etc.

1. Login to your SolusVM Control Panel.
2. If you have multiple VPS, select the appropriate one.

3. Scroll down and you can see a "œVNC" option. Click it!

4. The new VNC page will open. Click on "œJava VNC Client" or on "œVNC".

5. It will prompt for confirmation. Click "œOk" or "œContinue" and it will show "œSecurity Warning". If it looks OK, accept it and click the "œrun" button.

The VNC Area will resemble the following screenshot:

If you get any errors like "œJava Blocked", you will need to white-list our VPS control panel domain in your Java Security List. Then it will show "œJava plugin not installed", after which you can install the Java software on your computer.

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